BatteryTech. Develop in Windows or OSX, easily build and deploy on Android, iOS and others.

The BatteryTech platform consists of two distinct products:

BatteryTech SDK - A C++ platform which provides connectivity to multiple operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, OSX and BlackBerry 10

BatteryTech Engine - A high-level 2D and 3D game engine built on the BatteryTech SDK which provides a full Lua scripting API for fast and easy game programming.

BatteryTech's technologies allow for fast and easy development of high performance applications for a variety of platforms. The SDK provides foundational system components like data structures, linear algebra classes, resource managers, a UI library, audio management, file system support, file type support, texture management, shader management and more.

The BatteryTech Engine provides a robust Lua API which allows users to easily

  • Load and display graphics and 3D models
  • Play sounds and music
  • Control effects such as lights and shadows
  • Create and interact with 2D Physics objects using the popular Box2D library
  • Script custom game behavior
  • Receive modern input like multitouch and accelerometer
  • Deploy on the hottest operating systems

Did you know?

  • BatteryTech licensees receive ALL source code
  • BatteryTech licensees do not need a subscription - their one-time license cost is for life

Check out some games and apps made with BatteryTech SDK and Engine:

Slyon Ball

Publisher: Slyon Studios LLC
3D Brick Breaking Action
Android | 5482184240 | BB10

The Digits: Fraction Blast

Publisher: FUN-da
Education using interactive video
610-834-4524 | iOS

Slyon Street Tuner

Publisher: Slyon Studios LLC
3D City Drag Racing
(920) 940-6600 | iOS | 778-456-3779

Diesel Pulling Challenge

Publisher: Touch Screen Promotions
3D Diesel Truck Pulling
Android | iOS

NSCRA Tuner Challenge 2K12

Publisher: P2R Power Rev Racing
Sub-Compact Drag Racing
Android | iOS

Enzo's Pinball

Publisher: Haptify
Box2D-Physics Pinball

BatteryTech Engine Features:

  • Advanced OpenGL ES 2.0 2D and 3D Rendering System
  • Complete Box2D Physics Integration
  • Lua scripting language
  • High-performance audio engine
  • Automatic shader generation
  • Sound, Texture and Model management
  • Hardware 3D animation
  • 3D Lights and Shadows
  • Multitouch and Accelerometer input
  • Easy integration of platform libraries like IAP, Advertising and others
  • Texture Atlas import via Texture Packer
  • OBJ and DAE import from Maya, 3D Studio Max, Blender and others
  • Bitmap font import from a number of BMFont-supporting tools
  • Many more features!

BatteryTech SDK Features:

  • OpenGL context management
  • Multitouch input, mouse input, real and virtual keyboard support
  • Accelerometer input
  • Platform-independent storage and local file support
  • Bundled/Packaged file support as well as automatic override support for external files
  • PCM audio mixing and playback
  • vmath linear algebra library
  • Common data structures not requiring STL
  • File formats supported: PNG, JPG, TGA, OGG, TTF, FNT, BTX, (DAE, OBJ and BAI with assimp included)
  • Open Asset Importer library integration for many more possible 3D file types
  • VBO-backed geometry management
  • Automatically batched and optimized 2D rendering
  • UI library with automatic layout classes
  • Platform hook/callback for extending with additional platform-dependent functionality
  • Shader management
  • Complete platform lifecycle implementations
  • Many more!

Isn't BatteryTech Free?

You may do the following for free (without license):

  • Download the BatteryTech Engine and use it for development or evaluation purposes
  • Download example code and use it for evaluation purposes
  • Share your game creations with friends for evaluation or development (non-commercial)

You require a license to do the following:

  • Obtain BatteryTech SDK and Engine source code
  • Obtain BatteryTech Eclipse, VS, XCode or other IDE-based projects
  • Distribute BatteryTech-based games on any market or store
  • Distribute BatteryTech-based games for commercial purposes

Here is the full BatteryTech SDK and Engine license

So who needs a license? The publisher or person or company distributing the application requires the license.

All prices are one-time fees with NO recurring subscription!

We don't like dealing with software subscriptions and don't think you should have to either. You buy it. You use it. End of story!

One-time Pricing

  • Indie License (for organizations of 5 or less) - $249.00 USD
  • Commercial License (for organizations of 6-199) - $999.00 USD
  • Enterprise License (for organizations of 200 or more) - Please contact for pricing
  • Wildcard License (for multiple organizations or sub-organizations) - Please contact for pricing